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I should have known when one of the first things translated to me from Sifan in Ethiopia is that she wanted to buy high heeled shoes... She is a true fashion diva. She stands in front of the mirror after 5 outfit changes critiquing her reflection from multiple angles. Sometimes finding the "right" outfit according to Sifan can take a full hour and might involve Sifan's personal alteration like a pony tail holder in the back of the shirt to hold her t-shirt tight against her tummy so that her sparkly pink belt can show. Many times she has complete melt downs reminiscent of a teenager if she can't get her appearance to exactly match her own standard of beauty. After one such fit I asked her what she wanted them to look like and why she was pulling her shirt in so tight and sucking her tummy in. In tears she took me to her new back pack that had Sleeping Beauty on it and told me that she wanted her shirt to be like Sleeping Beauty's. (for the record Sleeping Beauty wears a pink dress with a fitted bodice...this is what she was trying to achieve...the fitted bodice with a t-shirt) It hit me then that she was using Disney Princesses for fashion ideals. She even told me about the discussion she had with Carter about whether the other princesses had long loosly attached sleeves or long gloves and high heels. She was paying close attention to those princesses. So while the big kids are at school all day; we did a special project of going through the Sunday ads to find the outfits she liked, cut them out, and pasted them in her "Fashion Journal". Hopefully this will help her to be more comfortable with the clothes they sell in stores circa 2010 ;)

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    Kristy said...

    That was a great idea. Good mommy!

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