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Now that the kids are back to school (except Sifan...she has another week off), I am starting to miss the kids (a weee bit). With 4 little ones who need attention in a short period of time before bed; we needed something new. I flopped on the couch stumbled upon something; everyday I hit my midday slump around 4. Unfortunately this coincides with when the kids get home from school. As I snuggled up on the couch with my giant Bubba keg of  tea,  Wubitu snuggled up against me to read a book and tell me about her day. Light bulb flashing brightly....each kid got a turn with mommy all by themselves where we went through their papers, read a book, and talked about anything they wanted for 15-20 minutes. By the end  my mind and body were restored to their former caffeinated state where making dinner was a possibility without feeling like curling in a little ball on the floor between stirring various pots. The level of calm in the house has increased exponentially. Wubitu was even "nice" to Sifan without prompting on the way to Zumba afterward :) (usually she is ALL ABOUT Wubitu and being first or getting the most) The combination of everyone getting time away at school and individual time with mom at home has helped to provide a much needed buffer that was lacking over the summer as their personalities grated against one another.  Plus, I feel like I did my "mommy job" and know what is going on in their lives.  Now keeping tea from shooting out of my nose dealing with what I hear in mommy conferences is another story ;)

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    Cindy said...

    Great idea! I need to learn more about Zumba. People seem to love it!

  1. ... on August 27, 2010 at 3:01 PM